Steel Industry Price and Demand are on the Rise


The Future of Steel

In the first half of 2016, the United States steel industry witnessed an increase in demand for non-residential construction projects. The industry also saw a 50% price increase in flat steel products such as hot-rolled coil, cold rolled coil and hot dip galvanized sheets.

The Architectural Billing Index has listed the market share value for nonresidential construction. This indicates an increase for nonresidential construction projects in the future.

The increase in nonresidential construction projects has created a demand increase for steel materials including rebar, joists, and girders.

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Different Types of Steel Pipes


If you are trying to make a decision on what steel grades, shapes, or sizes to choose. Steel is broken down into four parts:

Carbon steel – there are three different types of carbon steel: low carbon, medium carbon, and high carbon. Carbon steel has a great diversity and can be mixed with other metals.

Alloy steel – one of the more affordable steels are made up of manganese, silicon, nickel, titanium, copper, chromium, and aluminum. It is widely available and responds better to heat than other steels.

Stainless steel – is often used in the food, medical, appliances, and architectural industries. Stainless steel comes in a large variety of shapes and be cut to match any specification.

Tool steel – are mostly used for stamping, cutting, mold making, knife making, and more. It is a hard, abrasion resistant steel.

Hopefully, this helps in your decision-making process but if you need additional information visit Independent Pipe & Steel Inc.


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Sell Surplus Pipes for Top Dollar


If your company uses an abundance of steel pipes and ends up with a surplus or overstock, Independent Pipe and Steel Inc. will help you avoid excess waste by buying your surplus pipes.

Independent Pipe and Steel will buy abandoned pipelines for recycling purposes. New or used Independent Pipe and Steel Inc. will buy them. You won’t have to worry about what to do with your extra pipes, when you can make a profit off of your left over inventory.

Independent Pipe and Steel Inc. has been buying surplus steel pipes for over 30 years and want to make this process a breeze for you.

Contact Independent Pipe and Steel Inc. to liquidate your inventory and get a top dollar return on your extra structural steel pipes by calling 1.800.427.3131.


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Different Types of Copper Pipes


Copper pipes are in high demand for water lines because they resist corrosion and rusting. There are two main types of copper pipes: Rigid and Flexible. Rigid copper has three different thicknesses. The thinnest, Type M, is used mostly for home drainage. The other two, Type L and Type K are used on outdoor water lines and commercial drainage. These require a wheel cutter or hacksaw since they are so sturdy. Flexible copper is typically used in appliances such as icemakers, dishwashers and refrigerators. The pipes are easy to maneuver and bend but they can also break so care must be taken with them. Be sure to choose the appropriate style for your project!

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Preventing Copper Theft


The cost of copper piping has basically doubled in the last decade, making it a lucrative and relatively easy target for thieves. The effect that this could have on businesses could be enormous! There have been city projects and railways that have been shut down due to copper pillaging. Taking preventative measures is definitely worth consideration if your business has a large copper investment. Building a rapport with your local police department can be key to protecting your business. You can request for them to patrol around your building more frequently and even give them a tour of your premises to ensure they know the locations of your assets. Fencing is also a simple and practical way to deter criminals from even attempting to break in, and some fences can be equipped with sensors to send alerts to the authorities. Using these tactics can save your business money and stress!

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The Importance of Pipe Beveling

Pipe Beveling 101shutterstock_331888739

Pipe Beveling is a service provided by Independent Pipe & Steel, Inc, but what exactly is this service? And why is it necessary?

During the process of cutting pipe to fit and welding pieces together, beveling is an essential part of both of these procedures. Once a pipe is cut the raw edge of the pipe undergoes beveling. Beveling essentially shaves away the sharp edge and creates an angle from the inner most part of the pipe to the outer edge.
Why is this a crucial procedure?
Beveling pipe aids in the welding process and removes the potential safety hazard of the sharp raw metal edge that cutting the pipe can create.

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How to Properly Measure Pipe


When it comes to installing pipes, you need to ensure that not only will you have enough piping for the job but that you have the right ones. One reason why many fail to get it right the first time is due to not knowing how to measure pipe. Pipe size is not measured by the outside diameter but the inner pipe diameter. Why pipes are measured this way is due to the fact that pipes are used to transport something.

A professional will have all the pipes in any size. At Independent Pipe & Steel, INC we sell new and used surplus steel pipes. Peruse our selection here.

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